LAVA Surf is an affiliate family of the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (LAVA), a premier youth and junior volleyball organization based in Southern California. LAVA Surf launched in summer of 2014 with a pair of locations in Ventura and Santa Monica. The two programs feature a combined 8 teams and nearly 100 athletes — all bought into LAVA’s overall mission of Volleyball Done Differently. LAVA Surf is overseen as a collective by LAVA’s Director of Operations Nabil Mardini.

LAVA COAST (SANTA MONICA, CA) — Based out of Santa Monica, California, LAVA Coast is a fledgling LAVA program with excellent long-term prospects as it strives to uphold the Three Core Values of LAVA — integrity, competitiveness, and passion. LAVA Coast launched with two teams in the 2015 club season: 16′s & 14′s. The Club Director of LAVA Coast is Torrance “TG” Pearce with assistance from LAVA Affiliate Liaison Teri Lavo.

LAVA Coast adheres to a training regimen crafted by the LAVA principals, designed to help our coaches train their athletes to become the best players they can be. Our coaches are committed and knowledgeable, and our slate of offerings includes both full travel and non-travel options. Our youth skills program for 3rd-5th graders, also known as LAVA Lite @ LAVA Coast , runs over four seasonal sessions — Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall — with 8-12 practices per session (depending on season) at total cost of $195 or less. Our non-travel program for 7th-9th graders is called the Coast Walk-Ons and also runs over seasonal sessions with 6-10 practices per session at total cost of $250 or less. All this, in addition to LAVA Coast competitive travel teams for ages 12-18.

For more information on LAVA Coast, our excellent coaches and teams, or any of our excellent array of programs and offerings, please click here to get in touch with both our Division Director Torrance “TG” Pearce and Affiliate Liaison Teri Lavo.

Lava Girls Responsive - Division Manager - TG Pearce
Lava Girls Responsive - Affiliate Liaison - Teri Lavo
Lava Girls Responsive - Principal - Nabil Mardini

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